PT. Anugerah Tangkas Transportindo

Air Freight Services

We fully understand that moving freight by Air means delivering goods quicky, safely, timely and as promised . ATT is Top Agent of several carrier in Jakarta, i.e. CX, CI, QR, QF,SQ.

Features of Services

  • International Air freight service, Export & Import
  • Appointed agent of various airlines: GA, SQ, BR, CI, CX, KL, LH, EK, EY, QR, QF, AA, BI, BA, CZ, etc
  • Reputable Global network throughout the world
  • Sea & Air Service
  • Chartering Service
  • Cargo consolidation service
  • Flexible delivery option (airport-to-airport, door-to-door or combination, DDU, DDP, etc.)
  • Oversized cargo handling
  • Insurance coverage (Limited liability)
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Sea Freight Service

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PT. Expressindo System Network

Expressindo System Network


To be the icon of Courier Service Company in Indonesia.



  1. X-Day - same day delivery
  2. X-One - next day delivery service (money back guarantee)
  3. X-Sure - regular shipment
  4. X-Others - contact us for other services according to your needs
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